How many types of air conditioner under EMINENT brand?

There are 4 main types of air conditioning units which are as the following
  1. Residential Air Conditioner from 9,000 BTU/hr. to 60,000 BTU/hr.
    • Wall type (Available with Thailand No.5 Label)
    • Floor/Ceiling type (Available with Thailand No.5 Label, TIS. Standard)
    • Floor/Ceiling type (Available with TIS. Standard)
    • Concealed ceiling type (Available with Thailand No.5 Label, and TIS. Standard)
    • Concealed ceiling type (Available with TIS. Standard)
    • 4 Ways or rounded cassette type (Available with Thailand No.5 Label, and TIS. Standard)
    • 4 Ways or rounded cassette type (Available with TIS. Standard)
    • Floor standing plastic body type
    • Floor standing steel body type
    • Duct type medium static
  2. Commercial Air Conditioner; from 60,000 BTU /hr.
    • Floor standing steel body type
    • Duct type High static or AHU.
  3. Variable Refrigerant Flow (Model ERV) – ( VRV. or VRF.)
  4. Large Commercial Air Conditioner
    • Air Cooled Mini Chiller
    • Air Cooled Chiller
    • Water Cooled Chiller

Where can we buy the EMINENT Air Conditioner if we live in the upcountry?

You can buy EMINENT AIR conditioner from the local dealer in your area. Recently, we have the more than 300 dealers throughout regions. (Click here for more details)

Does Eminent Air produces and supply coil to the order?

Apart from producing all range of air conditioning products, EMINENT AIR also manufacture variety types of all coil.

We would like to use EMINENT Air Conditioner but we have no experience of using it before. We afraid that it might not be the user-friendly products?

EMINENT AIR are well designed for ease of use. We have the after sale support team, expert technical mechanic and including the technical engineer. We are an air conditioning system expert.

EMINENT have ERV system of air conditioner available with the digital scroll?

Yes, ERV system is available with either Digital scroll (ERV) and DC Inverter (ERVI). They are available with R410a refrigerant for reducing the global warming

How long have the EMINENT AIR been established?

Eminent Air is the Thai brand Air Conditioner which has been Established for 40 years and the products are sold domestically and internationally under the slogan “WORLD STANDARD AIR CONDITIONER”

What are the organizations which certify and ensure the high standard of EMINENT AIR factory?

EMINENT Air factory certified by ISO 9001, ISO 18001, ISO 14001, and the achievement of Requirement of Thai Corporate Social Responsibility.